JONESY FLUX is finally RELEASED and that means we can finally start posting BONUS CONTENT!

We kicked off release day with a cool spaceship schematic, and now there's a full glossary with OVER 200 DEFINITIONS! (Did we go overboard? You bet! It's that kind of world!)

What are you waiting for? Mosey on over to BONUS CONTENT and get you some BONUS CONTENT right now, and be sure to come back soon for even more BONUS CONTENT!

About James Pray

James has been writing stories since he was six, holds a BS in Engineering and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction, and works as a software developer.

He loves all things science, aviation, and space, and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife, two children, and a laser-guided corgi named Benzie.

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The eBook version(s) of Jonesy Flux dropped today!

So yeah, time to check in with a little news! The big one is the eBook versions coming out. These have a cool refreshed cover design that brings all the same awesome Jonesy Power, but adds a healthy dose of sweet Synthwave flavor. Also, the Kindle edition arrived at No. 6 in Amazon's Children's Space Exploration bestseller list! In truth it's not the biggest horse race on the docket, but I'm pleased as punch anyway!

And better yet, I'm overjoyed and humbled to see the reviews coming in. Nothing gives me warm fuzzies quite like hearing that some young reader tore through 400+ pages of my work in two days flat. Jonesy has some awesome readers!

Oh, and what am I doing? Just working on the next book... or two??

-- James Pray, May 11, 2021





Okay no but seriously: this has been fifteen years in the making and I'm super-thankful to everyone who helped make it happen, who number too many to mention here (buy the book and check the acknowledgements!), but I definitely have to call out my agent, Don Maass, my editor Ardi Alspach, and my family for helping make Jonesy's story everything it could be.

Time to go celebrate!

-- James Pray, November 10, 2020

Summer ++


Real people are reviewing my book and they are saying nice things!

Don't ask me how somebody spends their entire adult life trying to get their writing in front of people and then gets all scared when it happens and people like it, because I WOULDN'T KNOW.

Just kidding. I just don't know. I totally should, though.

Anyway: Kirkus says JONESY FLUX is a "love letter to the space opera genre" and a bunch of other things to make me blush.

The publication date is now November 10th, 2020 (was to be October 13th before COVID-related printer delays). So close!

-- James Pray, August 2020


Site updates again! It's time to get serious!

You guys, like TONS of stuff has happened. I'm getting published. I can talk about it! It's crazy awesome!

Here's the deal. I wrote a book called JONESY FLUX AND THE GRAY LEGION. It's Middle Grade. It's got superpowered girls, and spaceships, and robots, and aliens, and it's getting published by Sterling Publishing in October.

Jinkies, I'm excited. Are you?

-- James Pray, June 2020


I'm alive!

Nothing says "Hmm" like a website last updated seven years ago, so here we are!

Imagine my surprise that I still like the site design I cobbled together all the way back then. I need to update the background image to something more befitting the "aspiring SciFi novelist" idea since I've returned to my roots a bit with the latest project, but if you're reading this (oh, hey!) and it's more wood-and-wheels than ships-and-space-marines, you just got here early, is all.

Also worth noting: if you're viewing this site on a mobile device and it looks hilarious (in the bad way), I'm planning to get around to that, too. It wasn't such a concern back in 2012, but I suppose that even if I've survived the intervening seven years without a smart device, most of the western world has decided they're not only rad, but possibly the best way to look at the Internets. If you're reading this and that's finally changed, just know I was in before it was cool.

(Not a caveman, really.)

-- James Pray, January 2019

It's actually super on-brand now!


Site updates!

It was finally time to ditch the ugly old "I sort of remember HTML from six years ago" site design and transition to the wonderous age of "Hey! jQuery!" I have vague plans to start putting up more stuff, but writing still takes precedence, give or take.

It's been a long summer+fall and my first encounters with RSI issues this year have been slowing my life down in a lot of ways. I'm figuring it out, though, especially now that things have gotten bad enough to scare me into exercising every day. Turns out that helps! I've incorporated a lot of updates to my writing workflow, too, and doubled (or better) my writing rate; for now the battle is getting my body back to the point where I can put in the hours.

Considering that I just slept a full night without ibuprofen for the first time in four months, I think I'm close.

Feel the burn!

-- James Pray, December 2012

P.S. The site design starts to have trouble if you're running over a widescreen over 1600 px wide; I'll be making some tweaks to fix this and other issues eventually.
P.P.S. Tweaks are in. I'm concerned that I will run this out to a lot of Ps if I start using it as a revision history.



Among the many things that have been competing for my time this summer, I've been helping my wife update her site over at (as of the time of writing, the update wasn't up yet, but maybe it is now! Mysteries!) and studying site design to do it, and it's helped me see the shortcomings of my little thrown-together internet outpost even more than before. Let's be honest: it's pretty homely.

On the other hand, I'm not trying to sell you anything, and you probably won't leave snickering at me (unless you are into site design), so I figure it's okay for now.

Now get back to business and make it a good day!

-- James Pray, July 2012


Hey? What have I been doing?

Well, just writing. If it's details you want, I could add learning to be a better writer, in the (new to me) sense of learning how best to induce myself to build a solid novel with the least waste possible, rather than the (older, and certainly not discarded) sense of coming to understand more deeply the craft of writing better sentences, paragraphs, scenes, chapters, arcs, threads, acts, and so on. I have been keeping track of my little lessons and may share them later, but for now, I am simply writing -- steadily and rather more quickly than any time in my life before now. It's great.

I hope you are great, too.

-- James Pray, May 2012


I am still alive, really; sometimes I get into a Mode wherein I work my tail off and accomplish much, to a degree that precludes telling the internet about it. That was my Fall season for 2011.

Anyway, there's no news to speak of just now, except that I am close to re-starting my sequel (...again), and suspect that it will go a lot faster this time, on account of actually working. It turns out that you really can have too many good ideas, at least if you're trying to cram them all into the same story. I note that I've said I had this sequel thing figured out before, so I will not say more until I actually have the cussed thing drafted.

Have fun out there.

-- James Pray, January 2012

Late Summer

If you're wondering what sort of things I have actually written, the Bio page is now updated with answers (of a sort). If you're wondering why I don't mention project titles, it's a) to keep them out of search engines and b) because publishers pick them out in any case. I am at peace with this, and I hope you can be, too.

-- James Pray, August 2011


Somehow I think I've neglected to mention that Donald Maass is representing my work. Well, he is. He is great.

In other news, I got married in May and bought a house, which has had a detrimental effect on my writing schedule (this should not have been as surprising as it was). Something may be off when you feel as excited as I did last night about putting down seven hundred words. On the other hand, the washing machine is no longer helping rot out the laundry room floor, and I have shelving for slightly more than half my books, so my schedule's opening up. Onward!

-- James Pray, July 2011


Revisions are done (for the moment) and sent off...

Now, letting plans for the sequel percolate, and waiting to see if any changes are in order for the end of the novel. So far, plenty of good ideas, but I want to have my starting conditions a little more finalized before I start (because I've started it twice already, and don't want to get into the habit).

Also, I finally secured a Twitter account in my name! Still figuring out what to do with it, as Twitter is a medium I have tried very hard to learn nothing about up until now. Theoretically, it could be a useful promotion tool. In practice ... well, it will take practice, yes.

-- James Pray, March 2011

Moving Forward

As of the first week of the new year, I've signed with an agent for my first* novel. To criminally understate the matter, I'm excited. Once the celebratory phone calls, dancing, and loud music are out of the way, though, it's GO TIME, which translates into TIME TO WORK HARD FOR A LONG TIME, because I've got revisions to make.
I think this means it's probably time to start thinking about my web presence much more carefully than before...
More updates to come.
-- James Pray, January 2011
*The first novel for which I've tried to get an agent. It's the 8th I've started, the 5th I've finished, and the 2nd I've written end-to-end more than once.

Site in Development

After almost a year, the construction equipment is rolling in. The site is now in the process of being built. All by hand, because templates are for sissies. (There's learning to do, though, because since I was last in the business of coding sites, they've deprecated many of the ways I knew how to accomplish things with html).
The manuscript is edited as far as I'm going to take it until an agent tells me to do more. I am currently in the process of finding an agent.
That's it for now.
-- James Pray, October 2010


It would be a grand fib to write "Under Construction" here, because this is the digital equivalent of an acre of dark, bare earth, cross-stitched with grader tracks, with a chain fence around it, and no construction machinery in sight.
I don't know when this site will begin to take shape. The priority is somewhere beneath finishing editing a hefty hunk of manuscript-editing.
However! When that's done, this site will grow up to, in part, tell you all about that very story. You should be excited.
--James Pray, November 2009