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Word 2010 for the Novelist

How to set up Microsoft Word 2010 when all you want is to write a book

(Note: yes, there’s an Office 2013 now; maybe some of this will apply to it; no, I’m not touching it with anything, ten-foot or otherwise)

What did you say the first time you saw Microsoft Word 2010?  Was it “Where did they put everything?”  Or maybe “I can’t use this,” or just “What?”  Or maybe something less polite?

If you’re a novelist (especially if you’ve only got limited writing time, you’re doing NaNoWriMo, you’re ADD, etc.), the last thing you want is an extra distraction to wrestle with, and the stock setup of Word 2010 places it among the most distracting programs I’ve encountered.  What if you’re stuck with it, though?  What if you just want to write a book and you just wish you didn’t have all that stuff in your way?


You can fix it.  I’ll show you how. Continue reading